Tip Line

HIWU will oversee testing, educate stakeholders on the new program, accredit laboratories, investigate potential violations, and prosecute any such violations.

Tip Line

HIWU offers anonymous whistleblower platforms to enable industry participants to submit concerns safely and anonymously regarding potential violations of HISA’s Anti-Doping and Medication Control (ADMC) and Racetrack Safety Programs.

Anonymous Reporting Platforms

Telephone Line: (888) 714-HIWU

Text Line: (855) 901-TIPS

Email Address: hiwutips@hiwu.realresponse.com

HIWU has partnered with RealResponse for the anonymous texting and email platforms and with Ansafone for the anonymous telephone platform.

All three options accept submissions 24/7. Please note that the telephone line will not accept submissions via text, and the text line will not accept phone calls.

Text Your Anonymous Tip

What information is HIWU looking for?

The HIWU Investigations Unit is devoted to investigating and identifying potential violations of HISA’s ADMC and Racetrack Safety Programs. Examples of violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Use/attempted use, administration/attempted administration, trafficking/attempted trafficking, or possession of a Banned Substance/Method.

  • Use of a Controlled Medication Substance/Method in a manner contrary to horse welfare.

  • Evasion of sample collection.

  • Tampering or attempted tampering with the ADMC Program.

  • Falsified or improper veterinary records.

  • Paper training.

  • Use of buzzers.

  • Improper use of shockwave therapy.

Any activity implicating horse welfare is a potential violation of the Racetrack Safety Program.

The HIWU Investigations Unit will not respond to information concerning violations or inquiries that fall outside the jurisdiction of HISA. Such inquiries should be directed to the relevant regulatory authorities.

What information should I include in a tip about a potential violation  of the ADMC Program?

To assist HIWU’s Investigations Unit, examples of specific information that can be included in an anonymous tip are, as applicable:

  • Names of Covered Horse(s).

  • Names of specific trainers or other Covered Persons.

  • Names of substances.

  • Specific barns.

  • Other identifying information about the Covered Persons or Covered Horses relevant to the potential violation.


Keeping whistleblowers anonymous is important to HIWU. Individuals who submit information through any of our platforms will never have to provide identifying information to HIWU.

Whistleblowers can feel secure in the protection of their identity and personal information.

If a whistleblower wants to include identifiable information to make themselves available for potential follow-up from the HIWU Investigations Unit, they are welcome to do so.

What Happens Next

All tips concerning potential violations of the ADMC or Racetrack Safety Programs will be reviewed by HIWU’s Investigations Unit. If a whistleblower has voluntarily provided their contact information, the team may follow up with that individual, as necessary.