Clarification for Anti-Ulcer Medication, Isotonic Electrolyte Solution Administration and Products Intended for External Use Only


Pursuant to Rule 4211 of the Rule Series 4000 (The Prohibited List) of the ADMC Program, only feed, hay, and water are permitted during the Race Period (the 48 hours preceding scheduled Post-Time or a Vets’ List Workout), with some exceptions. Under Rule 4212, anti-ulcer medications are an exception. Anti-ulcer medications (including, but not limited to, cimetidine, omeprazole, ranitidine, and sucralfate) are not prohibited up to 24 hours prior to a Covered Horse’s scheduled Post-Time. Please note that the FDA strongly recommends the use of FDA-approved drug products over the use of compounded medications, as compounded products have not undergone FDA approval. As such, they have not been scrutinized with respect to criteria such as safety, efficacy, stability, and purity. Some compounded products may be manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practice; however, there may be an increased risk involved in their administration to Covered Horses, notably as Post-Time approaches. Veterinarians bear responsibility for the compounded products that they dispense or administer.

Rule 4212 does not prohibit unsupplemented isotonic electrolyte solutions administered by oral or intravenous routes up to 24 hours prior to the Post-Time of a Covered Horse. Veterinarians are encouraged to carefully read labels to verify that the product for intended use does not contain additional substances, including, but not limited to, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate, and dextrose. If other substances such as these are components of the electrolyte solution, that solution may not be administered within the 48-hour Restricted Administration Time of a Covered Horserace or Vets’ List Workout. Please also note that vitamins may only be administered orally up to 24 hours prior to Post-Time. If vitamins are administered in intravenous fluids or as stand-alone injections, they would also be subject to a corresponding 48-hour Restricted Administration Time.

If a product is expressly intended for external use, and there are no Prohibited Substances (Banned and/or Controlled Medication Substances) listed as ingredients on the label, the use of the product would not be prohibited during the Race Period. HOWEVER, to the extent that the use of any such product results in the presence of a Prohibited Substance in the Sample of a Covered Horse, the Responsible Person will be held fully accountable for any resulting ADMC Program violation and will be subject to the corresponding penalties.