Advisory: Dexamethasone Acetate


Advisory: Dexamethasone Acetate

• Please be aware that dexamethasone acetate is being used in some compounded products. It is important to note that it is different from dexamethasone.

• In humans, dexamethasone acetate has a much longer half-life than dexamethasone alone and thus is eliminated more slowly than dexamethasone. However, the exact effect of the addition of acetate on slowing the elimination of dexamethasone from the horse has not been studied.

• Consequently, there is an unknown risk for a positive test result in a Post-Race, Vets’ List, or Post-Work Sample when dexamethasone acetate is used.

• There is no commercially available, FDA-approved formulation of dexamethasone acetate; it is only available as a compounded medication.

• Should a horse require treatment:

• It is advisable to administer dexamethasone. Dexamethasone has been extensively researched through administration studies, and the Racing Medication & Testing Consortium has recommended Withdrawal Guidance for its use.


• If dexamethasone acetate is determined to be the drug of choice for a given horse’s condition, Clearance Testing through HIWU is recommended.